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HFSHC Vaulting Club - Welcome!

Welcome to the HFVC! The Vaulting Club is an association committed to the promotion of Vaulting in HFSHC.

The most artistic and acrobatic of all FEI disciplines, it is a feast for the eyes and the result of remarkable teamwork and unity between a horse and a rider. The result of gruesome gymnastic training from the human vaulter and the constant reinforcement of a horse's good temperament, vaulting is VC-9489 impressive for many reasons; riders jumping mid-canter, balancing, performing a daring dismount to the horse's rear well within reach of powerful, hooved hind legs... Are vaulters possessed with a touch of madness? Definitely. But their horses are simply magnificent in their poise, attitude and trust, never breaking gait.

  • Vaulting is thought to have been first performed by Scythians.
  • It was later adopted by Roman Warriors for their cavalery training.
  • During the Middle Ages and Renaissance, it's popularity grew;
  • Knights and noblemen saw it as a mark of status.
  • Modern vaulting was born in post-war Germany.
  • It featured at one Olympic Games, Antwerp 1920, as 'Artistic Riding'.
  • In 1983 it was accepted as a main equestrian discipline by the FEI.
  • Now it is constantly growing in popularity, particularly in Europe, North America, Australia and Brazil.

Interesting Facts

Image 01 There are vaulting associations in the USA, Australia, UK, France, Germany...

...and also in Canada, Colombia and South Africa!

Image 02 Vaulting is the only equestrian sport that has separate competition divisions for men and women.

That is only at the individual level, however; Pas-de-Deux and Squads can be of mixed genders.

Image 03 Vaulting was included in the World Equestrian Games in Stockholm in 1990.

The first World Cup Vaulting competition was held in Leipzig on 29�30 April 2011.